Advent Gathering Poster: A heartwarming event for families nurturing children on the autism spectrum. Vibrant green hands, artfully painted by a child, symbolize the unique resilience of these extraordinary kids. Together, they come together to form a stylized 'A,' representing Autism and Advent. This captivating animation creates a distinct visual identity that ensures instant recognition from a distance. The cluster of green hands also cleverly morphs into coniferous branches, establishing a delightful connection to the spirit of the winter Advent season. Join us for a celebration of togetherness and support.
Ecumenical Passover Procession
This poster is a snapshot of an animation of scarlet cloth folding over rising cross. It promotes ecumenical Passover procession through the city. 
Jan Glózik & Anna Kotvašová
Discover the Charm of Naive Art:
Step into a realm where simplicity intertwines with profound storytelling. These talented painters bring to life the essence of their Serbian heritage and Slovak roots through the lens of Naive Art—a genre that beautifully captures the purity of emotion and the magic within everyday moments.
V Šľapajách predkov (In the footsteps of ancestors)
The objective was to create a visually captivating and thematic poster for the event "In the Footsteps of Ancestors" that captures the essence of the past, featuring a medieval cityscape as the background and employing an antique font for the title.
Veni Creator Spiritus
When you need to create a poster for an organ music concert, everyone immediately thinks about showing the instrument's beauty with its many pipes. 

This time, I wanted to create an abstract kinetic sculpture that would evoke the smoothness and dynamics of the music melody and organ pipe at the same time. Therefore, the background for the poster consists of a digital animation that changes slightly with every frame. 

The animated background created an opportunity to develop several versions of the poster for one concert and future concerts that would use the same aesthetic without duplicating.
The background is rendered at various frames in three variations for two concerts using one animation rig.
Although you cannot print animation, it was handily deployed in social media marketing.
Printed leaflets used the same animated graphics in the layout.
Long Night of Churches
A simple poster for a two-day event was commissioned. As the event took place in the evening, the core of the design consists of a dusk sky gradient, stars with a layout that matches the day, time, and location of the event, and stylized orbit paths on which the poster text lays.
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