The animation trailer
The World of Prosperity is an experiment constructing architecture that disguises evil as good. It elaborates on the idea of an architectural wolf in sheep´s clothing.

The project investigates the sins of modern society, such as the fortification of the urban landscape, omnipresent surveillance, gentrification and eviction of the socially disadvantaged from public space, and excessive use of euphemisms in the architectural language.

These themes extrapolate into a dystopian near-future scenario in London, the world´s financial hub.

The story´s central object - the cyborg pigeon - embodies the role of passive surveillance and acts as a corrective agent within the public space. It symbolizes resilient capitalist dynamics, which strive to achieve higher efficiency while remaining disguised.

The ambiguity stretches throughout the project. Colorful visuals combine with engaging language to create an impression of a Disneyland-like promotional ad. This ambiguity stands contrary to the sinister references scattered throughout the animation.

The World of Prosperity investigates the ambiguity of architecture in a pseudo-post-capitalist society.
Story board
In a playful bonus scene, the gherkin
The final animation
Animation highlights
Photos from the screening
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